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SEO changed forever since 2013 when Google Penguin came into place. Some marketers didn’t understand it and continued doing link building as they did before. As a result, many websites were penalized by Google Penguin. In 2019, SEOs have to choose whether they should or shouldn’t do link building. But how to do it correctly?

Links is the number one factor for Google

Like 10 years ago, links remain one of the most crucial ranking factors. You can argue with this, but look at what Google's Andrey Lipattsev has to say about this:


Many reputable SEO experts are even more determined. Christoph c. Cemper, the CEO of LinkResearchTools, believes Links are the most important ranking factor:


It's true because your websites need links to achieve high positions in Google. In fact, they need many links. To be precise, you need many high-quality backlinks from reputable sites with high website traffic.

Actually, there is a direct relation between the position of websites in Google and the number of referring domains or links they have.

That's what one of the world's leading SEO gurus, Brian Dean, thinks about this:


High ranking on Google depends on the number of links you have. The more links you have, the better. Also, you should have excellent content, user-friendly design, and a high-speed page load. But there many websites in different niches that load quickly and publish content of the highest quality and value. Simultaneously, they don’t have a high Google ranking. Why does it happen this way?

You probably understand that these websites don’t have enough backlinks.

They deeply value the quality of content but don’t invest much time in link building and content sharing. As a result, their competitors have 2-5 times more referral links, and they have higher Google rankings.

What does modern Link Building look like?

Contemporary Link Building has evolved from being spam and a blind purchase of links. Forget about the blackhat SEO practices of the past. Now, it's much more creative and requires hard work. It also requires investing more time than ever, and you should have an understanding of how Google evaluates links.

Back in 2014, Google's Matt Cutts expressed his thoughts quite well about this:

You are mistaken if you believe that you can gain many high-quality links easily and quickly. Most of these links aren’t good from the position of Google. The traditional methods of getting links died long ago.

How to make Link Building easier?

At Marketing Hack, we have been doing SEO since 2008. During this time, we examined dozens of different methods on getting links. Some of them were rejected instantly while the others were declined not so long ago. The other techniques we continue using today.

Thus, we eliminated the following:

  • Press Releases lost their value;
  • Profile Backlinks also lost their value since because method is no longer safe to use;
  • Using Automated Link Building Software may result in a Google penalty;
  • Sitewide Links are also not safe to use;
  • Broken Links are still useful but it takes much time, and it’s complicated to scale;
  • Link exchange shows low efficiency and a high risk of getting penalized by Google;
  • Buying links on PBN websites also has a high chance of attracting a Google penalty.

The Link Building Guides you can buy as a subscription service were developed as instructions for in-house use by our link building specialists. We consistently made changes, refined and described the results of testing new techniques. So, you get access to the most up-to-date information, unlike similar guides available in open access.

Why is the subscription paid?

Initially, when we collected quite a lot of useful materials, we planned to publish some guides and lists in open access for free. It would be highly beneficial long reads on SEO and link building in particular. In fact, these are some of the most detailed and up-to-date materials online.

But the problem was in the lists of websites. It’s evident that the listings we created for many years would be spammed during the first two months after publishing our guides in open access.

Check those long lists of guest blogging websites you can find online for free. The vast majority of them doesn’t exist, or they already accept guest posts.

The reason is simple. Once these lists appear in the public domain, thousands of Internet users spam them, and they lose their value almost instantly. For the same reason, we made our subscription paid with private access. Thus, users who truly need high-quality guides can buy a subscription and don’t have to worry that it will not work.

Besides, we continuously check the quality of websites and regularly update our lists. We also don’t chase for quantity since the quality of donors is more important.

What else can we offer?

In the future, we are planning to create detailed case studies on the technical optimization of websites. Now you should ask what makes them different from those already available for free on the Internet.

These would be detailed step-by-step Guides with live examples of websites and screenshots for each step. Moreover, these instructions won’t be universal as most of the articles on the web. Our guides will focus on specific types of websites. For example, we plan to launch a guide called "How to increase organic traffic for an old-fashioned website or blog using WordPress?". Thus, if you recently started a website and you don’t use WordPress, it’s clear that this guide won't help you. Meanwhile, such a guide would be highly beneficial for sites using WordPress if they have low website traffic.

So, subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social networks, and we will be happy to share information with you.

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