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Black Friday 2023 - 50% OFF for Everything

Black Friday's around the corner, and at MarketingHack, we're rolling out a red carpet of discounts for seven whole days! For a limited time only, a wild 50% Off on all our products - it’s not just a deal, it's practically a steal. Get in quick and grab your bounty before it’s all gone!...

New Update: + 140 Free Guest Posting Websites

MarketingHack's New Free Guest Blogging Sites List has been updated, adding 140 new websites for guest bloggers to submit their articles for free. This expansion provides more opportunities for writers to publish their content and build backlinks....

10 SEO Mistakes Even Experienced SEO Specialists Make

Find out how to improve your SEO by learning from the mistakes of others. These SEO mistakes are not as popular as others. They can be made by SEO specialists of both beginner and advanced levels....

New Update: + 65 Proven Forums for Forum Link Building

Great news for subscribers of the Ultimate Forums Marketing Package - we have recently launched a new update. This expansion includes 65 additional forums that can be effectively integrated into your link building strategies. To better understand the ins and outs of utilizing these forums, all subscribers have access to the comprehensive Forums Marketing Guide....

Merry Christmas: 25% Off on MarketingHack SEO Subscriptions

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and inform you that this Christmas you can purchase yearly subscriptions for any of our products with a 25% discount. Get more quality backlinks, even greater position growth for your websites in 2022. And, of course, not without our help....

New Update: + 120 Free Guest Posting Sites

The new Free Guest Blogging Sites Package update is here! Today we have added 120 new websites to which you can submit your articles with links. And at the same time it's completely free. Read carefully the details for each website. ...

New Update: + 70 Free Guest Posting Websites

New Free Guest Blogging Sites List update on MarketingHack. We have added 70 new websites for free guest blogging. Let's make even more quality backlinks together. ...

SEO for PDF: How to Optimize PDF Files for SEO in the Most Effective Way

How to make PDF files more SEO friendly? How to get your PDFs to rank higher on Google? In this article, you will find out what SEO for PDF is and how you can use it in your work. As a result, you will get more organic traffic both to PDF files and to the website itself. Indeed, in PDF, you can place not only text and images, but also links, videos and other visual content. ...

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress in 2020 (15+ Reviewed)

Actively promoting your WordPress site? Want to know what are the best WordPress plugins for SEO? Check out this review of the most relevant WordPress SEO plugins. Using them, you can quickly eliminate possible errors on your WP website and optimize pages in the best possible way....

New Update: + 266 Free Guest Posting Websites

Another update of the Free Guest Blogging Sites Package. The biggest update of all time - we have added 266 new sites that are already available for our subscribers. And of course, besides the list of sites - the most comprehensive guide on how to do guest posting outreach....

New Update: + 35 Best Infographic Submission Sites

Fresh update for Best Infographic Sites Package. These are +35 new infographic submission sites that you can use in your link building strategies. And of course, our Infographic Marketing Guide of 2020 - detailed guide not only on Infographic Marketing but also on the best tools for creating infographics and useful recommendations on how to create successful infographics....

How to Find LSI Keywords - 4 Best LSI Tools and 2 Proven Methods (with examples)

It's no secret that content written with LSI keywords in mind is significantly more successful for SEO. But did you know that not all LSI words are equally effective? How to determine which LSI words are required and which are not? And finally - what are the most effective methods for finding LSI phrases and how to use them? Read answers on all these and others questions in a new article....

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