51 Best Question And Answer Sites In One List For SEO

The most comprehensive Guide on how to work with Question and Answer sites for getting traffic and higher positions in search engines. The Guide contains examples of live answers on Q&A sites with explanations. You will find out what answers and in what cases will allow you to generate high referral traffic. And of course our maximum full Question and Answer sites list for SEO. Unlike free lists of Questions and Answers websites available online - all the sites we've collected are live and allow you to place backlinks in the answers.

What is the Efficiency of Q&A Websites?

It is a well-known fact that Question and Answers sites (Q&A sites) attract a lot of traffic and help to boost your website’s performance on Google SERPs. But very few people know how to use Q&A sites for optimum results.

Many webmasters and practicing marketers try to reduce their work with Q&A websites by resorting to spamming, which makes this method useless. And the results are also equally useless. Moderators will remove the vast majority of your backlinks. And the remaining backlinks will fail to have a significant impact on the promotion of your website in search engines. Undoubtedly, you will not get any referral traffic.

So, what is the secret of effective Q&A marketing?

How to generate traffic, leads, and sales using Q&A websites?

In this case study, we have collected a complete list of Q&A sites. We have also compiled a detailed working guide to answer all the ‘how-to questions’ related to working efficiently with Q&A sites.


What Value Do Q&A Websites Add to Promote Any Website?

A. Traffic

Initially, it may seem impossible to generate significant traffic through Q&A sites. But, it is easier than expected. It is vital to know the mechanism of working with Q&A websites along with the methods of attracting target readers. Firstly, you should understand that not all the niches can be promoted efficiently with Q&A sites. But in most cases, Q&A websites can be useful in generating traffic. Also, the quality of such referral traffic is very high. In our guide, we will explain the reasons that make Q&A website marketing so effective.

B. Consumer Research

How to understand your customer better? How to get more information from potential clients? Understanding your target customer helps in making your business offers more attractive, gaining more customers, and generating more sales. Q&A websites also evaluate the needs of potential clients before they make a purchase. This is one of the most significant advantages of Q&A marketing. By using famous Q&A sites, you may regularly check what people need, what they search for, and what they dislike. A considerable sales increase is inevitable if you solve customers’ problems while promoting your product or service.

C. Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most impactful factors for SEO success. In spite of the restrictions on numerous Q&A websites that only allow you to post no-follow links, their backlinks have incontestable value for search engines. Google values backlinks that generate referral traffic. Google also considers these links as more relevant than the ones without clicks. The higher the referral traffic is,  the more people trust such backlinks, especially if they are placed on reputable Q&A websites with a trust close to 100 such as Answers, Quora, Reddit, etc. A crucial task of Q&A sites backlinks is to dilute the reference profile. The reference profile should be greatly diversified, so it makes sense to get high-quality and no-follow backlinks using Q&A sites. It helps to make your content look natural to search engines.


What are the Advantages of Q&A Websites for SEO?

  1. High trust and authority in search engines.
  2. An opportunity to get high-quality backlinks that generate traffic.
  3. Fast indexing of replies and pages by search engines.
  4. High rating of low-frequency and middle-frequency search requests.


The Main Feature of Q&A Sites for Marketers

While analyzing search requests, it becomes evident that one part of searches entered in search engines are not standard keywords. Instead, these are questions that people ask in routine life. It is noteworthy that Q&A sites are at the top of search engines precisely because of question-form search queries.

Examples of such questions are “how to make, how to choose, how to correct, how to set up, what is better, who used, what is the best solution, etc.” Mostly, these are both low-frequency and middle-frequency requests. The audience that uses such queries in search engines hardly understands the target sphere of interest. On the contrary, there are people who are experts searching for more in-depth knowledge.

The first kind of audience is  a godsend for marketers. If you show them your professionalism in the subject they are interested in, you can easily convince them to become your clients. The advantage of the second kind of audience is their understanding of their own needs. They usually ask specific and detailed questions.

For example, even if the user refers to Google in search of “website hosting,” the users on Q&A sites already know which hosting they need, and they will ask specific questions. They can ask – ‘why SSD hosting is better than SAS and SATA?’.

In this case, it will be easier to attract these users to the provider`s website hosting if you offer a  hosting with SSD drives. If you do not provide such a hosting service, you will need to clearly explain that ’the benefits of SSD drives are set too high by marketing hype. Usually, SSD hosting is not a lot faster or better than a standard web hosting with SATA disks. Though SSD hosting will be more expensive, there will be no significant benefit in speed and efficiency of the server.’

It is a dialogue. It is important to understand that the conversation turns the user into a customer, especially if you do not overload him/her with information, but help while answering questions. It applies to the conditions discussed below.


The Golden Rule of Successful Work with Q&A Websites

An organized work with Q&A websites gives visibly higher results of in traffic, leads, and sales. The last two occur if your website has been correctly designed and if it has everything required to gain the trust of visitors. Motivating them to make a purchase.

Currently, we are talking about targeted traffic, when the readers of Q&A websites (not necessarily the authorized members) will read your answer and then follow the links you provide. It is imperative that this type of traffic has a high value as it is a conversion, just like the traffic conversions from search engines.

Grabbing attention of people is not an easy task. If the users of Q&A websites are searching for answers to their questions, you should reply appropriately. In this way, you will be able to capture their attention.

The recipe of success with Q&A sites is as follows:

The most relevant points, the most accurate answers, and the links in these answers that offer maximum value to readers.

What are the Typical Errors in Working with Q&A sites?

 - Random link spam in replies;

 - Leaving a link without explanation, for example: Read this: Link 1 or check this: Link 2;

 - Using prescribed answers, which means submitting only pre-written responses many times in different sections;

 - Trying to advertise the website or services instead of trying to help;

 - Sharing a link only to the Home Page of the website;

 - Not filling the profile on Q&A sites completely;

 - Not increasing your user rating/authority on the Q&A website.

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