111 Best Infographic Submission Sites and Infographic Marketing Guide of 2024

Infographic Marketing is an old but still effective method to get traffic and links for your website. Over the past 12 years, methods of work with infographics have changed significantly. Find out what has changed and what needs to be done now to get good results from our Ultimate Infographic Marketing Guide. And of course - get access to our closed list of the best infographic submission sites 2024.

Infographic Marketing Guide

Is Infographic Marketing still effective? Certainly! In 2024 the creation and distribution of infographics improves SEO results as much as it did 12 years ago. However, it is not as convenient now as it was in the past. Forget about using infographics with embed code for links since as it no longer works for SEO. Besides, other strategies can help you to get more profit using infographics. The same applies to SEO.

This guide will not understand the basics of infographics and Infographic Marketing. We assume that you have heard about Infographic Marketing before or even used it in your practice, but were not satisfied with the outcomes. After reading our complete guide, you will understand why.

What are the benefits of Infographic Marketing?

While trying to define the value of Infographic Marketing, you should try to understand why people love interesting infographics. You should consider why they willingly share it on social networks and websites.

While trying to define the value of Infographic Marketing, you should try to understand why people love interesting infographics. You should consider why they willingly share it on social networks and websites.

Below are the primary advantages of using infographics:

  • Infographics highly increase the value of textual content. The readers stay longer on your website because of it. As a result, it has a favorable impact on site visitor behavior;
  • Articles containing infographics build greater trust with readers. They are thus eager to share such content in social networks and applications;
  • When it comes to the matter of which visual content has the most active involvement, 42% of marketers claim that infographics or any unique graphics are the most attractive. Using infographics is also superior to any alternative type of visual content;
  • Engaging and well-designed infographics generates good referral backlinks. We will tell you how a bit later.

Refer to the following infographics showing the significance of visual content. The same applies to infographics used in creating a blogging strategy. These data points were obtained while interviewing more than 300 different online marketers by the Venngage staff:

What are the tasks of Infographic Marketing?

  • Increased content engagement. Use relevant infographics if you want readers to stay longer on your website. Based on recent research, infographics in articles increases the willingness of site visitors to read it entirely by more than 50%. As a result, it increases the average time on page and reduces the bounce rate;
  • Greater social media sharing. Readers are more willing to share articles with infographics (Facebook, LinkedIn) or infographics alone (Pinterest, Reddit);
  • More backlinks. Different sites willingly republish high-quality and contemporary infographics. In return, they usually add source links. Over time, many websites will link to your page with infographics or even to the main page. It is worth noting that distributing infographics allows you to get links not merely from infographic directories but also from other popular websites from where it is almost impossible to get links in any other way.

Why using infographics with embed code for links is a bad strategy in 2020?

This technique was popular back in 2010 and even earlier, but it is still used today. However, it is the worst you can think of when using infographics nowadays. The essence of such a method was to include embed code in infographics as a link to a page with infographics or any other website page. Next, this embed code is put on the page with infographics, which allows you to place it on any site easily.

Thus, you can get dozens or even hundreds of links, but they have no effect on SEO. Google understands the purpose of such a method and ignores these backlinks. This is how Matt Cutts commented on similar links with infographics in 2012:

So, if you continue using embed code in your infographics, you are merely wasting your time because it is no longer an efficient method. Instead, you should pay attention to other strategies that are more effective for using infographics.

Most SEO professionals view Infographic Marketing as another way to get many backlinks to your website, which is a fundamentally incorrect perception of this strategy. If you want to get more profit, try to perceive infographics not as a Link Bait method, but as one more type of visual content. It will undoubtedly make more people interested in your content, and will also help you get links from websites that will thank you for perfect infographics.

Unlike using infographics with embed code for links, the strategy we are sharing below allows you to get fewer backlinks but to more reputable websites. Most importantly, Google likes these links!


How to do it right?

All work with infographics consists of the 7 steps below:

  1. Creating scenarios for your infographics;
  2. Finding a designer or selecting the tools to create infographics;
  3. Placing infographics in your articles;
  4. Submitting infographics to infographic directories – how to find them?
  5. Searching for websites that publish content relevant to your infographics;
  6. Offering to publish your infographics;
  7. Controlling and interacting with sites that publish your infographics.

Now, let’s discuss every step above.


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