Our Privacy Policy governs the way we use the personal information that you provide MARKETINGHACK with. However, its scope is much wider than that. It spans to the time that you spend on the website and how we collect your information.
1. Data Protection Officer
You may have doubts or queries regarding the MARKETINGHACK Privacy Policy or even about personal information stored by this company. In such cases, please contact the MARKETINGHACK by addressing any issue to this email:
2. Data Controller
To comply with the Personal Data Act, based on the GDPR Directive, the Data Controller is MARKETINGHACK.
3. Storage of Your Personal Information
When you visit our site, we want you to be comfortable and confident. That's why MARKETINGHACK never stores personal contact details, including name, address, telephone number or email addresses under any of its advertising programs. Any data stored by our technology system is anonymous and is devoid of all personal information.
Data contained within the cookie is never linked with your personal details. To keep details anonymous, we shorten IP addresses before storing them. We urge our technology partners and associates to ensure that all data used on our technology platform is kept anonymous.

Such information ceases to be anonymous when you register with our system through our Registration Form and provide us with your personal information. You could do this through an associate website or through our newsletter. We are legally obliged to you, to use your data responsibly, once you provide us with your personal information. This means we gather such information correctly and thoroughly, inform you of our manner of usage and promise not to pass on this information to a third party.

If we, at MARKETINGHACK use your personal information, it will always be compliant with current laws and we will respect and protect your privacy by not sharing it. In accordance with the Personal Data Act, we will work towards keeping such information confidential.
4. Use of Your Personal Information
We store the personal information of visitors to our site for billing and for managing their partner account. When we use anonymous information, it will be for the following reasons:

1. To manage our technology platform
2. To advertise for our clients or partners

These will be used within MARKETINGHACK, its clients and partners to provide our services.

Visitors' information held in cookies within our technology platform will be done in these ways:

- So that content is presented effectively for the visitor and his computer;
- To execute any duties subsequent to agreements entered into between visitors and MARKETINGHACK
- To permit visitors to take part in MARKETINGHACK's interactive features at will;
- To inform you about any changes.

If you have enrolled to receive an email newsletter, you are at liberty to opt out of any correspondence whenever you wish by clicking an Unsubscribe link in an email. Otherwise, your personal details will only be revealed when we are forced to, under law. On your request, we will delete any information regarding you.
5. IP Addresses and Cookies
We ensure that the details we collect about your computer, such as your IP address, OS and type of browser, are always shortened so that they do not contain any of your personal information. Similarly, we get information through a cookie file that's stored on your computer's hard drive.

Cookies are bytes of information that are transferred to your computer's hard drive. When using them without your consent, we refrain from using any anonymous identifier technologies. By using cookies, websites can present a more personalized service towards our clients.

They help websites match advertisements better with the right audience. On our advertising technology network, with your explicit consent, we set cookies specific to our service. Only with your consent do we store your personal information on our browser. You are at liberty to review your consent or reverse it your will from any Consent Management Provider.

To place cookies, we use

If you do not wish to have cookies, you can activate the settings on your browser which permits users to refuse cookie settings. However, by accepting this setting, you will automatically be unable to access some parts of our services and site. Our website will continue to send out cookies when you are on our site or see advertisements put out by our technology. To refuse cookies from us, you will have to change your browser settings to inform us of this. To know more about cookies, click this link: .

Apart from identifiers and cookies from the domains listed above, we also use anonymous data given by technology vendors other than those we work with, such as Google, Doubleclick, and Facebook.
6. How to Opt-out of cookies
To manage your cookies and remove them, use the cookie management tools in your browser. Depending on the browser you use, cookies will be handled differently. For more details, see the Help section for more information on cookie management in your browser.

For more information about cookie management and ways to prevent or delete cookies from popular browsers, click these links: and
7. Access to Your Information
You are well within your rights to request a copy of all the personal or non-personal information we hold of you, and to ask for any corrections to be made. Please write to the Data Protection Officer, Netgeron d.o.o., Stegne 27, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.
You may also seek changes in your personal data or completing incomplete personal details. Lastly, you can delete any of your personal details, except:
- If you have an issue presently with Customer Service
- If you have an order that's not fulfilled yet
- If you are a debtor to MARKETINGHACK
- If you have abused our services within the last four years or have been suspected of the same
- If you have bought an item from our store recently, we will maintain your details with us for book-keeping purposes

You may refuse to participate in our direct marketing ventures, such as profiling analysis, done specifically for direct marketing reasons. To opt out of this, you may:
* Follow our instructions in each marketing email you receive
* Edit your settings as provided in your MARKETINGHACK account
To us, data protection is of extreme importance. For this reason, we have specific Data Protection Officers who take care of such issues, relating to your rights. Get in touch with them at

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