New Update: + 266 Free Guest Posting Websites

Another update of the Free Guest Blogging Sites Package. The biggest update of all time - we have added 266 new sites that are already available for our subscribers. And of course, besides the list of sites - the most comprehensive guide on how to do guest posting outreach.

by Editorial Staff

It seems that this is the biggest update we've even announced on MarketingHack for all time.
We've added 266 free guest blogging sites and removed those sites that stopped accepting guest articles.

At the moment, our Free Guest Blogging Sites List contains exactly 700 verified websites ready to publish your content. These include reputable and trusted sites that are constantly interested in expert contributors, sites that do not advertise the reception of guest articles but do so, and sites that are accessible for submissions without any moderation. I.e. you don’t even have to look for a page to offer your article.

The details of many sites indicate the conditions of cooperation: whether pre-registration is needed or not, how many links can be placed and where exactly, the type of link (dofollow or nofollow), how long should you wait till articles approval and other details. And of course, a link to a Submit page or Guidlines or Contacts - depending on the type of site.

Since all our Packages are regularly edited (non-working websites are removed and new ones are added), access to the Free Guest Blogging Sites Package is provided by a subscription. Cost for 1 year - $150.

Find out more details on the page:

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